Saturday, October 18, 2008

Songs About Law School Part 2

This song was submitted as part of the "One Less Worry" contest sponsored by the Access Group for a $10,000 scholarship. Students had to submit a video that was no longer than 4:00 long on the topic, "What are your worries as a law student?" I will post the winner and some of the honorable mention video in the next few weeks. Some of them have a lot to say to undergrads. But first, recognition goes here to Melissa Mitchel for "The Law School Worryin' Blues." It is cleverly composed and nicely performed. Once again, I think that there is significant value in undergrads considering these issues in advance. It can't help but make them better prepared.

Melissa, if you ever read this you are welcome to come down to UConn to talk to our undergrads anytime. I love the Sweatshirt from good ol' So-FFolk-U Law.

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