Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Songs about Law School Part 6

Well, there's not a lot of substance to this next installment of the Songs About Law School series, but it is a lot of fun. Unlike the prior songs which exuded either the trepidation of the entering law student or the endless toil of the 1L, BarBri Girl by the NYU Law Revue is infused with the enthusiastic optimism of the graduating law student turning his/her attention to preparation for the bar exam. BarBri is a bar review preparation service popular in New York, Massachusetts and other states. I am a BarBri alum, myself and I confess that my (then) 16 year old BarBri outlines served as the basis for my first lecture outlines as an Adjunct Business Law instructor many years ago. BarBri girl is a spoof of the song Barbie Girl by the Danish pop group Aqua. There is an interesting legal connection to Barbie Girl in that Aqua's record company, MCA, was unsuccessfully sued by Mattel for trademark infringement on their Barbie doll product line. BarBri girl is a bit of Legally Blonde meets Delta House, part social commentary and part mindless emotional release. I see it as moving beyond the trivialization of womanhood evident in the original Barbie Girl to more of a celebration of accomplishment.

Below are first, BarBri Girl by the NYU Law Revue and, further below, Barbie Girl, by Aqua.

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